Friday, May 22, 2015

Free Spirit Tank & weird high school references. Good times.

*This entire post is about a muslin. No pretty pics here, just the straight shit.

Not too long ago Patterns for Pirates introduced the Free Spirit Tank. It's so cute and I immediately fell in love with it. The way it flows from a close fitting bodice to flowy skirting is just perfect. Kudos to you Judy Hale for being a genius. This shirt is perfect for almost every....body.

The problem is that I am fat. Fat people do not wear tanks. Fat people are supposed to wear tents and HIDE because we're so gross or something (I would really like to thank a couple guys from RHS class of 1987 for ruining any hope I ever had for a positive body image but hey I digress.They know they were assholes and I wasn't the only person they made miserable).

Dudes, I had to add sleeves. Not much but something. Or I wouldn't love my tank the way i want to.

Jodi Baird of Jocole Patterns is like the designer version of every woman. She always helps and offers free modifications to her patterns because she understands what it's like to BE us. So I started my research at the Jocole blog. Lo and behold, I found directions on how to add sleeves to the Crossover Tunic or Dress , which is a lovely pattern in it's own right and I totally recommend you try it if you haven't. (I think i saw in my email this morning that she's having a 25% off sale this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day). 

Great! Now I had instructions on how to add sleeves! Woohoo! I simply followed the directions and re-drew the shoulders and armscyes so that I could add cute little cap sleeves.
that may or may not be cherry scented marker, you dunno

And here is how the muslin turned out:

I guess the point of this post is that you can't be afraid to try new things. I loved the look of that tank but I knew it wasn't right for me because of my body so I took a few minutes and I made the pattern right for me. You can too.

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