Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Summer Wardrobe Capsule Sewalong Fat Girl Style hehe

Hi, everybody out there in blogville! *waves excitedly

This summer, I have decided is the summer of me. I want to feel better about myself and what better way to go about it than to completely make myself over into the person I feel like inside? I felt overwhelmed by this project almost as soon as I made the decision lol. Luckily for me, I saw this blog post.  Becca Duval of Free Notion made it her mission to help women everywhere understand the capsule wardrobe idea and make it less overwhelming. Hats off to Becca, everybody! yay! Thanks, Becca!

I wanted to chronicle my journey from baggy ass men's undershirts and  blue jean cutoff shorts to .... however I end up looking. Vague is good, right? lol No, vague is NOT good when it comes to dressing right for our bodies and coloring. After 45 years, I am done hiding my body. This is the year I get to wear pretty clothes that fit!

The first thing we did as part of the capsule wardrobe process was to purge our closets and select 3 items that we kept and list WHY we kept those items. I guessed it... my white men's undershirts, Walmart skinny jeans and really old, paint spattered blue jean cutoffs lol.Why? Because I can hide behind them! They gotta go.
Notice the whole where the back pocket connects lol keepin it classy 

Obviously I need to make some radical changes. How do i go about it? How will I know what will look good on me? Free Notion helped again! we did a wardrobe analysis. It sounds fancy but all I really did was decide what holes I needed to fill in my "wardrobe" (all of them!!). Then I needed more information about MYSELF....dun dun dun....the great unknown. 

Step 1 was to determine my body type. This is the Body Shape Calculator that I used. I'm an apple or oval shaped person. No big shocker there. It's pretty obvious to see that I carry my weight in my midsection. Some of the characteristics of an apple body shape are:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • hehe flat booty
  • Nice legs
  • Full belly
  • Average to big ole boooobies (sorry, i am NOT mature).
Yep! That's me, alright!

Step 2 was determining a color palette!  haha It was really hard because you want to choose colors that you like to look at instead of colors that are likely to look good on you. THESE are the colors I have chosen. I think they'll transition well into fall. I've also added lime green because I think i might love it.

Now, dear readers, you are all caught up with me on my summer capsule wardrobe sewing odyssey. Next time, I will come back with a list of patterns that I've chosen for my capsule and you can hold my hand while I try to look attractive and put together!